~One Hand-E Hoist application gallery~

One Hand-E Hoist comes fully assembled with 45 foot of rope and ready to use.  Safe working load (SWL) 80#'s. 

1) Once ladder sticks, tree steps, or climbing device are in place, climb to desired height for treestand and screw One Hand-E Hoist into tree as shown. 

3) Once the One Hand-E Hoist has been installed, descend fron the tree,  attach your treestand.  Standing to one side, hoist your treestand to desried height.

2) When the washers are snug against the tree, leave the handle in the downward postion, and place cable in the slot at the end of the handle as shown.

4) Once your stand is at desired height, tie rope off to secure the position of your treestand.  Then, with proper climbing gear, climb up to your treestand and secure it per manufacturers specifications.  Once your treestand is secured, remove the One Hand-E Hoist, and move it on around the tree and use it to hoist backpacks, camera, or other equipment up to your treestand.  Now have a safe and awesome hunt!

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